Yawkey Rail Station

The New MBTA Yawkey Station is a stand alone, state funded Commuter Rail Station. Meredith was designated by the MBTA to develop and construct the $14.9 million state funded Yawkey Station, a full service Commuter Rail Station and multi-modal center with direct access to South Station to the East and Framingham and Worcester to the West. The Project is also just one block from the newly designed MBTA Green Line and Bus Station, a $32 million renovation project, and MBTA’s Kenmore Square and Fenway stations. Yawkey Station commenced construction in the Spring of 2011 and was completed in spring of 2014.  Once Fenway Center is completed it is projected that Yawkey Station will be the first “zero net energy” MBTA transit station in the Commonwealth. Now that the new station is complete, there are 33-40 stops (versus 17 previously) at Yawkey Station per day, significantly improving the level of service and convenience to commuters, area residents, and Boston Red Sox fans.